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Travel Guide to Majorca Airport


You beaches and beautiful chain of islands in Spain if you want to experience the beautiful strings, most likely destination is Palma de Mallorca. In fact, the Mallorca airport to get to visit this part of Spain, and the fastest and most convenient way to explore.

The island’s capital Palma Mallorca Airport is 8km away. The alternative is Palma de Mallorca airport, many visitors just after the plane landed on a beach with a panoramic view is fascinating. Mallorca you arrive at the airport and you go to your hotel or beach house to take a taxi if you want to arrive in the area on the door D must be shut down. You can take a taxi cab Palma, Radio Taxi Cab and phono. By taxi, when you arrive in the city center takes about 15 minutes.


If you are traveling by bus, the bus stop at the bottom of the check-access road half counterpart there is also just one door D. Parking in front of the outside, even in the same place. Buses run from the airport to Paseo Mallorca. Travel time is about 30 minutes.

Of course, the Mallorca airport to travel through Spain, the best way is with your own car. Today, visitors and travelers can easily use the online car hire before you arrive through the portal you can rent your own car. If you use their services, you rent your car in the parking lot to the airport is likely to find. Car rental companies a capacity of up to 5,700 vehicles in the parking lot of the airport slots. Long-term parking is available in six layers and layers while the car rental company.

Mallorca airport passengers, most of Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and customer service and support levels coming from the rest of the international airport, because the very high within the facility. One of the requirements to help you with your arrival and departure information desk in the main area is located. It’s from the airport to your hotel booking to get the car to talk to the people at the front desk just what you need, they can help you to

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