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Guidelines for First Timers to Visit India


It is always wise to know basic information about a country or place you are planning to visit for the first time. It is better to get all the details before you start with the traveling program.

Information and tips provided on some of the popular travel guides and tour websites such as Uniktour will surely help you to enjoy your very first visit to this developing country without any uncalled for hassles.

India is well known for its diversity and is still popular as a democratic state. Here people follow different religions, speak various languages, live in different regions, but they all stay united.


What matters have to be considered before traveling to India?

  • Duration: Before visiting any place, you need to consider the time you can spend to see various places. In short visits, you can see the main tourist places or only a few particular spots according to your interest. Long duration will give you more time to see all the famous places without any haste.
  • Plan your travel routes: India is a vast country boosting many historic cities, tourist places, pilgrimages, and awesome scenic places. It will be advisable to start from the metropolitan cities where you land first. Every city in India has a lot of spectacular tourist spots to be enjoyed in the first phase of your tour in India.
  • Carry fewer packages: Luggage should be limited as it may be a hindrance while touring the places or while catching your travel mode. India is the densely populated state where you will meet people from various walks of life.
  • Language: It will be advantageous if you are able to learn basic dialects of Hindi to help you get any information from the local people. English is widely spoken in urban cities, as it is an official language, but still, you may need to speak their national language in some tourist places.

Tips for consideration while visiting the exclusive spectacular country:

  • Communication: People in India are quite curious about foreign visitors. They might ask you many questions when you interact with them. It is better to be friendly, but maintain your personal space.
  • Food: Indian cuisine is well known for spicy ingredients. You may feel a bit uncomfortable when you taste the food at first. Therefore, it will be better to stick to less spicy food. Most parts of India experience hot climate throughout the year. It will be beneficial to drink an excess of filtered water to avoid dehydration.
  • Follow their culture: Indian people give importance to their heritage and culture. Any visitor who disregards in showing respect to their customs is not welcomed whole-heartedly by the locals. Removing your shoes while visiting sacred places or greeting older people by touching their feet, will surely make you popular among them.
  • Noise: In almost all the urban places in the country, you can experience noise pollution.

Few important key points to be noted while enjoying the trip:

  • Play safe: It is a vital rule when you travel to any outside place to keep your belongings and cash safe. Try to avoid using any type of cards while shopping.
  • Follow local customs: it will be better to imitate the procedure of the other Indian tourists while visiting sacred places as any kind of fault will be considered as a minor crime by the people.
  • Shopping: If you are unable to understand their language, look for government shops where you will be able to shop without any problems.

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