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Beautiful Sunshine North Cyprus Holidays


Are you looking somewhere sunny, warm, and not to expensive? North Cyprus is the Right address for your Sunny Holidays, Only 4 hours away from Europe, No visa requirements, No Euro Currency, Good Food. Slow life, everyday guaranteed Sunshine, That’s what you are looking for. There is guaranteed 300 Sunny days in North Cyprus, weather starts to gets warm in March and continue until end Of November, if you are fancy wild orchids, flowers, the best time is to visit March April time, you can walk on mountains, beaches, and see take pictures of wild flowers orchids, and also you can swim in the Mediterranean pearl Blue sea, There is lots of Public beaches available in North Cyprus especially in Karpaz area there are quite few Public untouched beaches, you can do camp and wake up in the morning and have bath in the Mediterranean sea this sound fantastic.

Most visited town is Kyrenia, there are lots of Hotels and restaurants in Kyrenia Area, Kyrenia area covers from Catalkoy to Karsiaya Area, there are pubic buses available to Centre, while you are either in North Kyrenia or South Kyrenia you are only 8-10 Km to centre, you can take shared minibuses and visit Kyrenia town Centre. In centre worth to visit Kyrenia Castle, Kyrenia Shipwreck Museum, Old town, Old Harbour, its perfect setting, there are lots of bars and restaurant in the harbour, you can enjoy your drink or meal over there.


During your visit North Cyprus Holidays, and if you are staying in Kyrenia you can hire a car and visit Nicosia, which is capital of North Cyprus, Famagusta, and most beautiful part of Cyprus, Karpaz, the words not enough to describe Karpaz, one of the best beaches in the world located in the Karpaz, there are around 1000 wild donkeys live in the area, when you visit Karpaz definitely they will see and come for apple for you. They are not danger, so you can give them fruit, they like you.

Famagusta another beautiful city in North Cyprus, there are hotels and Restaurants available in area also. Famagusta is famous with Salamis Ruins, St.Barnabas Monastery, and Old Town, including Othello Castle, St.George Church and Famagusta port. While you are in Famagusta you can have a look Ghost town also, name is varosha. Varosha is closed during 1970’s and still not opened yet, there are some talks now, which they believed it will open when island re-united again.

How you can go to North Cyprus? You can fly all over UK airports to Larnaca airport direct, and cross border freely and stay in North Cyprus, alternatively you can fly to Istanbul and reach North Cyprus, there are quite few airlines flying to North Cyprus Ercan airport now.

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