A Guide To Choosing Motorcycle Leather Jackets


In this article, we look at the different types of motorcycle leather jackets on the market and how to choose the right one for your needs.

When buying a motorcycle jacket, there is more to consider than just style. High quality motorcycle leather jackets will protect you from sliding damage in the event of an accident and jackets with Armour will help to protect from puncture and impact damage.

You need to consider durability, quality, comfort and style when choosing motorcycle leather jackets. It is vital that you get a good fit as well. If a jacket doesn’t fit properly, then its protective Armour may shift out of position in the event of an accident or fall. At the same time, there needs to be enough room under the jacket for a vest or sweatshirt to be worn on cold days.

The most commonly used leather for motorcycle leather jackets is cowhide, which is renowned for its durability and strength. Buffalo hide is considered to be the second best material for a jacket. The leather used for a motor jacket should be a minimum of one millimeter thick. A thicker jacket confers more protection than a thinner one.

If you do a lot of winter riding, you may want to choose a motorcycle leather jacket with a belt and side laces, which allow the jacket to be adjusted to match the shape of your body. Additionally, being able to zip a jacket right up provides more protection from the cold, rain and wind.

In the summer, motorcycle leather jackets with front and back air vents will allow the wind to pass through the jacket, cooling the rider as it moves. Jackets with a removable lining are also a good idea, as this insulating layer can be removed on hot days.


Things to consider when choosing a motorcycle leather jacket


  •  Craftsmanship and construction – check the stitching and seams. Does the jacket seem to hold strong at the impact points?
  •  Reflective stripes   will improve your visibility in poor weather or at night.
  •  Leather thickness – the leather should a minimum of 1mm thick.


  • Pockets   the more pockets the better. Zippable pockets are best.
  •  Zippers   check that the zips used are high quality ones.
  •  Vents   essential in summer for cooling the rider.
  •  Long back   a decent jacket will have a long back so that when you hunch over, the wind cannot enter.
  •  Long Sleeves   likewise, a jacket needs long sleeves so that the rider’s wrists are covered even when the arms are fully stretched.
  •  Removable insulating lining   makes a jacket suitable for all year round use.
  •  Adjustable collars with flap-style closures   these mean that the jacket won’t tighten around the throat when riding fast.

Leather jacket care

Motorcycle leather jackets will need oiling it from time to time. This helps to keep the leather resistant to moisture and supple. Leather creams are usually made from beeswax and natural oils and can dramatically improve the lifespan of a jacket.

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